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Why is my tracker is displaying the wrong location?

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There is nothing worse than receiving a GPS tracker only for it to show a random location. What’s going on? Well, it could be a number of things but don’t worry there is an easy fix.

*If your tracker shows Stratford at first, do not fret. That is our location and this is where we test all trackers to ensure they are working, before sending them out.

Your tracker is indoors

Simply put, GPS will not work indoors as it requires clear line of sight with satellites. 

Instead, when a tracker is indoors, it will default to Wi-Fi (Green location point). This isn’t actually your Wi-Fi router that it has picked up but actually a triangulation of mapped Wi-Fi signals in the area.

This fix isn’t as simple. Unfortunately, it is a limitation to mapping coverage, provided by Google, Apple, Bing and so on.

We’d recommend setting the ‘Set Local Base Station’ to off. This is found in the APP settings. This should bring the trackers location back to within 30 metres your property.

However, you may find that the accuracy when inside just isn’t quite as accurate as GPS. 

GPS will not be picked up when indoors, so we would recommend you take note of the location that it brings up when the tracker is inside. Going forward, should you see that location again, you know your loved one is inside. Once outdoors, GPS will be received again. 

This may happen if you live in a rural area or the battery is low

If you live in a rural area, your tracker may look to pick up a Base Station, which is essentially a physical signal mast. Those things that stick out like a saw thumb. 

This signal mast may be miles away from where you live but a simple trick is to go onto your APP settings and roughly half way down is an option to ‘Set Local Base Station’. It will be switched on automatically, so switch it off and press locate again. After a few moments it should start picking up an accurate signal.

We’d recommend keeping the ‘Set Local Base Station’ switched off for the future. 

The same applies if your battery get’s critically low and your tracker switches to an LBS (Blue) signal. 

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